On a night in 1991, a homeless man with a rash appeared at the door of St. Peter and Paul. Thus, the pristine dream by Dr. Bill Sweet and Rev. Gerald Baker to help the uninsured working poor originated. Since the grand opening on May 13, 1993, the clinic has seen over 6000 new patients and over 100,000 visits. There has been over $1 million a year of free medications given to patients in need.

Philosophy of Care

  • St. Luke Free Clinic provides free quality medical care for patients who are low income and working uninsured.
  • St. Luke Free Clinic encourages and supports patients to assume responsibility for their health care needs.
  • St. Luke Free Clinic delivers care through volunteer caregivers who are committed to deliver health care which respects the patient's dignity, right to competent treatment and education, and right to confidentiality.
  • St. Luke Free Clinic patients will be treated with respect to their culture, social, and economic background.
  • St. Luke Free Clinic provides information regarding preventive health care as appropriate.

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